On The Rise Training - Abigail K. South
Welcome to On The Rise Training!
Do you ask yourself any of the following questions?
-  Is there a way I can work WITH my horse instead of AGAINST him?
-  Can I incorporate Natural Horsemanship techniques into my riding or driving discipline, without having to change my current goals and aspirations?
If the answer is yes, then are you ready to try something new with On The Rise?  
On The Rise Training uses kind, thoughtful, gentle, yet effective techniques that work in tune with the mind of the equine.  We are respectful of each individuals personality, whether it be equine or human. We are determined to help each horse and rider form a lifelong bond and enriching communication while reaching there individual goals. 
 Hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!
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